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Ottawa Prebytery


Who are we?

The Ottawa Presbytery of the United Church of Canada is composed of 61 pastoral charges (48 in Ontario, 13 in Quebec) with 80 congregations serving over 18,000 United Church members in addition to an outreach ministry in Iqaluit, Nunavit. More than 100 ministry personnel and over 100 lay representatives are members of the Presbytery. It is the largest presbytery in the in the Montreal and Ottawa Conference.

Where are we?

The Ottawa Presbytery Office is located in the United Church Regional Centre at City View United Church, 6 Epworth Avenue, Nepean. The Regional Centre is the home of the west office of the Montreal & Ottawa Conference including AVEL (Audio- Visual Education Library) and the Ottawa Presbytery including the Resource Centre. The Regional Centre is usually open Monday to Friday 9 am until 4 pm. The Resource Centre is open Tuesdays and Saturday mornings. to share in the leadership of the presbytery by serving on committees, divisions, task groups or by accepting election to office.


Purpose and Mission of Presbytery

The Manual of The United Church of Canada details the duties and structure of presbyteries within The United Church. The primary duties of Presbytery are: oversight of the pastoral charges; adopting measures that promote the religious life of the pastoral charges and ensuing that the policies and practices of the United Church are observed.

Ottawa Presbytery understands its mission to be the resourcing and support of its pastoral charges and ministry personnel. Its mission is given life through its staff and the volunteer leaders of the committees of presbytery who often given many hours working directly with congregations through times of crisis, changes in pastoral relationship and by offering educational resources. Other presbyters give of their time in outreach projects and social justice concerns.

The mission of the Presbytery is financially resourced through assessments to the pastoral charges. The ministry of the presbytery includes the operation of an office; both administrative and program staff; support to various outreach chaplaincies in hospitals, educational settings, and marginalized economic communities; and access to resources through the Resource Centre, the webpage and workshops.

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