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Christian Meditation
Christian Meditation


We live in a noisy world filled with ceaseless activity. We seek space to be quiet and be with God within ourselves. If you wish to learn how to meditate and find more quietness, you are welcome to join fellow meditators, who meet Mondays at Emmanuel starting at 06:30 PM. The hour includes silent contemplative prayer followed by listening to and discussing Christian Meditation teachings.

Jesus says, “When two or three pray together in my name, I am there among them.”

Meditation is a form of silent contemplative prayer. Its benefits can include feeling good or relieving stress. We use a prayer word or mantra to help still our mind and assist in becoming aware of the presence of the Spirit within. Simple, continuous repetition of the mantra leads us from the mind to the heart, from agitation to peace, from distraction to presence. The saying of the word creates a little narrow path of silence which we can follow through the noise, distractions, agitation, and turbulence of the mind. We are no longer talking to God or, worse, talking to ourselves. We are learning to be silent, to be with God, to be in God.

Central to our understanding, we meditate in order to take attention off ourselves. Jesus says, “Leave self behind.” In the Christian tradition, contemplation is seen as a grace and as a reciprocal work of love. Not surprisingly, then, we may become more loving people. This change will express itself in our relationships, our work, and our sense of service, especially to those in need.

Christian Meditation is a spiritual practice from the earliest days of the Church. It became largely unknown or neglected in the West over recent centuries. Lay Christian Meditation groups have been created around the world due to the work of the late John Main, a modern day monk of the Order of St Benedict. Christian Meditation groups, like our group at Emmanuel, are now found in over 114 countries around the world.

For more information, visit The Canadian Christian Meditation website and The World Community for Christian Meditation website

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