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Teleos is a women's study group. It takes its name from a Greek word meaning goal or purpose. For example: the teleos of an acorn is an oak tree. Our teleos also involves growth.

TELEOS Drumming

Teleos has been meeting since January 1983 to do some theological thinking about women's experience and how it affects our spirituality, our way of thinking of God and our role in the world. Over the years Teleos has provided the challenge, stimulation and mutual support that has assisted in the personal growth of each woman, and has helped the group participate in a variety of studies.

The leadership is provided by the women in the group, usually working in teams, and is often related to a particular theme.

The haiku "I said to the almond tree, sister speak to me of god, and the almond tree blossomed" is how some think of Teleos but to be dry and technical teleos is the Greek word for growth and potential. The other definition we use is the teleos of an oak tree is an acorn. The overtone is that the growth is of the whole person specifically our spirits.


Oct. 26, 2016Christine Johnson will come to meet Teleos and will speak about something that she feels passionate aboutChristine Johnson
Nov. 30, 2016Catherine Gutjahr will come to meet Teleos and will talk about something that she feels passionate aboutMargaret Armstrong
Jan. 25, 2017Discussion led by Margaret Armstrong. What does "home" mean to you?Catherine Gutjahr
Feb. 22, 2017"The colours of our lives!" Group discussion about the memories we associate with various colours. Inspired by Anne Squire's book. We will each choose a colour to start the discussionAnne Squire
Mar. 29, 2017 Visit to Waubano Centre (Joyce will investigate this possibility) 
Apr. 10, 2017Discussion lead by Carol Scott about her visit to Iona, Scotland.Carol Scott/td>
May, 31, 2017Potluck & Planning MeetingTBD

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