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Helping Out

The mission of Emmanuel's Pastoral Care Team is to reach out to members of the congregation and the community in times of need and crisis: to visit people in their homes, hospitals, seniors' residences and long-term care facilities; to offer a presence and a compassionate shoulder; to LISTEN; to offer prayers of support; and, to assist with funeral and memorial services.

Specialized ministries of the Pastoral Care Team include:

  • Prayer Shawl ministry - prayer shawls and lap blankets are prayerfully knitted by volunteers. These are distributed to the sick, shut-ins and bereaved as a tangible expression of the prayers and support of the Emmanuel community;

  • Card ministry - cards are mailed out from the Pastoral Care Team to recognize bereavements, illness, and celebrations such as milestone birthdays & anniversaries;

  • Worship outreach - worship services are organized regularly at Alta Vista Manor and periodically at The Perley and Rideau Veterans' Health Centre;

  • Intentional prayer - a prayer box is available in the church narthex, and opportunities for personal prayer are provided once a month following regular Sunday morning worship services;

  • Women's Gathering Circle - a monthly opportunity is provided for the women of Alta Vista Manor to gather and share in scripture readings, prayer and social interaction;

  • Funeral coordination - ushering and receptions are provided to bereaved families;

  • Home Communion - the sacrament of Holy communion is offered to congregants in their place of residence as needed or requested.

Privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance in the work we do. All members of the Pastoral Care Team have completed the 10-week Ottawa Pastoral Care Training Program, and often attend other specialized and refresher training programs.

Pastoral Care Team 2017

The current members of Emmanuel's Pastoral Care Team are:

Regular Members: Stéphane Vermette (Minister for Worship and Pastoral Care), Malcolm Collins, Nyla Garrett, Terry Henderson, Jon Jones, Jill MacLean, Wendy McCracken, Carol Scott

Associate Members (do not attend Team meetings): Catherine Gutjahr (Minister for Christian Development), Stewart Hewlett (Volunteer Associate Minister), Lee Langner (Card ministry), Shirley Maguire

Additionally, Betsi Collins and Julie Henderson support the work of the Pastoral Care Team by arranging funeral receptions at the request of bereaved Emmanuel families.

If you, or a family member, would like a visit, a phone call or other assistance, simply contact a member of the Pastoral Care Team or the church office. Additionally, if you are willing to help with meal preparation, driving or funeral receptions, please let us know.

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